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Louisa Genuine UK Witch and Online Psychic

A True Witch, working in Southern England. UK Genuine spell craft from a genuine Witch and Psychic

Hi, I am Louisa, welcome to my home on the web... I have been a working solitary witch and psychic for many, many, years now and I am here to help you bring about change or restructure a failing situation with my spell crafting and spell castings. I cast spells for most situations.
 I work with various methods, but all my spells are crafted myself individually using your exact details to ensure your spell is as unique as you are. I am a true witch it is my way of life and spells and the craft are all around and within me. I work from home alone, I cast spells every day of the year from my altar bring a dedicated spell casting and spell crafting service to people from across the world. 

Traditional Spell crafting by Louisa. .. I offer psychic readings and custom spell casts and spell crafting from scratch. All I need is your details and those of anyone else involved and I can start the crafting of your spell. All of my spell work is custom spells for precise casting and for the best and strongest chances of full success. I aim to get you a good positive result and for yout part I will ask you to be positive and patient whilst I work. When I craft a spell I do so from scratch. I will cast spells for most situations and the spell that I cast for you will be for you alone. Everyone is different so all of my spells are different.

You can be sure that your spell is cast for you alone, and my vast amount of experience of life as well as spell casting, the art of spell crafting, as well as my psychic work, and spiritual experience will be brought into your spell working. 

Testimonials relating to my work are on this page Testimonials. As well as being a white witch I am also an established psychic and I carry out my psychic readings online, 6 days a week. I am an experienced psychic and tarot reader and I offer genuine psychic readings to all that seek help. I also offer a same day service 6 days a week for when your troubles are too urgent to wait or for those questions that you just cant get out of your head. There is a 1 question mini psychic reading or a 3 question same day urgent psychic reading available.

Spells for love can be cast for you, spells for returning a lost love, and reconciliation spells. these are all a very big part of my work. Wicca and witchcraft has come under some scrutiny recently in all forms of media, and there is a lot of interest in the Wiccan way of life. Wicca is actually a growing religion

My spell workings are all very powerful, but also totally safe, love spells being my speciality, and I ensure that my protections are strongly enforced whilst I am working for you so nothing can affect you adversely or back fire. It is my belief that a lot of care needs to be taken when starting out with a spell, your intentions always need to be clear and your focus too. That is why in emotionally charged situations it is sometimes better to have a spell cast on your behalf. Spell casting starts with a purpose, brings in your detailed request, then the occult/magical energy is added, this is then sent out to do its work and move towards manifestation of your dreams and desires. A great deal of my work is to reconcile a relationship by casting love spells, and I love my work. If you have tried many love spells without success just let me know and I can craft something totally different for you! to look at my custom spell page click here All of my love spells are custom spells, I always use your specific details and situation to work the spell, and cast the spells accordingly. This is the best way of getting a truly detailed spell, whether that is for love spells, reconciliation spells or any other situation that needs a helping hand through spell casting.

I offer honest advice on spell craft, and accurate psychic readings from my other website www.psychic-light.co.uk , I am sympathetic to all needs and I will listen and try to find the best way forward for you. for custom spells please click here I take my work very seriously and I will always have your best interests at heart! I always work alone, I do not have a secretary or any other helper, so you will always deal directly with me at all times, I believe that this offers a better and personal all round service. Most of my spell work is currently working on love problems/troubles, but I am also able to help you with any other worries for pretty much any situation. If you do not see your requirement in my list of spells I can create a custom working for you, which is nearly always at the same prices. To read more about me click here.

  • 1 Question Same Day Psychic Reading is available to you when you order by 2pm Monday-Friday Noon on Saturday, for same day service. After this time you will get priority for the next day.Not Sundays/Bank holidays.

  • 3 Question Same Day Psychic Reading is available if you order by 2pm Monday-Friday Noon on Saturday, for same day service. After this time you will get priority for the next day.Not Sundays/Bank holidays