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Hi, I am Louisa, welcome to my home on the web... I have been a working solitary witch and clairvoyant for many many years now and I am here to help you bring about change or restructure a failing situation with my spell craft castings. I cast spells for all situations. I work with various methods, but all my spells are crafted and the spell is cast for you alone, and my vast amount of experience of life as well as spell casting and crafting, psychic, and spiritual experience. Testimonials relating to my work are on this page. Testimonials. 

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This 1 question mini psychic reading  is at least 300 words long.


This 3 Question Same Day Psychic Reading is available if you order by 2pm Monday-Friday Noon on Saturday, for same day service. After this time you will get priority for the next day.Not Sundays/Bank holidays
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This 3 question psychic reading  is at least 650 words long.


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This one question mini psychic reading  is at least 300 words long.
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New spells coming soon!! Please check back to see what is being offered!

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I will always be honest and straightforward with you, telling the true picture that emerges from your divination. I also use voodoo spell castings in my work, and I find that this works exceptionally well, especially for difficult love cases or cases that have so far refused to respond to normal love spells. When I cast your spell, care is always taken to tailor your spell exactly to your unique personal situation. There are many alternative spells to choose from, I can cast lunar spells, Wiccan spells ,angel spells and I also cast voodoo spells.

Spells for love can be cast for you, spells for returning a lost love, and reconciliation spells. these are all a very big part of my work. Wicca and witchcraft has come under some scrutiny recently in all forms of media, and there is a lot of interest in the Wiccan way of life. Wicca is actually a growing religion.

Easiest/fastest place to start to get a spell cast please click here   For powerful reconciliation spells please click here  if you are looking for a love spell please click here to see what's on offer. For emergency spells cast please click here.  If its a totally personal spell that you want, created just for you, then you may like to look at this page, click here for the custom spells, they include 5 days of intense castings, with 2 spells cast each day to really get things moving along!                     

Voodoo, in the right hands is safe and effective, especially when worked for love spells and reconciliation spells. However if you do not like the sound of voodoo there are plenty of other spell choices. I offer spells form virtually all of the traditions, including gypsy spells, lunar spell, and angelic spells. All of these spells will be carried out with the greatest of care and attention to detail. if you prefer the more old-fashioned approach I am able to cast the more traditional type spells, which in particular works well for love spells. Love spells need special care, whether you want to return a lover, or draw a new partner into your life, the love spell needs to be carefully tailored for you, so that the actual spell power is directed in the correct way. I offer all types of love spells from my website, including reconciliation spells for those who want to try to regain what they had with a lost lover. The return a lost love spells, more often known as reconciliation spells are designed to heal, repair and encourage what you had before to blossom. This is then moved forward with aid from your chosen love or reconciliation spell to help you to take your relationship forward. Although a lot of people are interested in love spells not every case is suitable for intervention through a love spell. For this reason I offer a free of charge divination to check whether a spell or love spell or reconciliation spell is going to be helpful for your personal situation. This is not a psychic reading as such, but a divination that I carry out before spell work or casts to check the situation.

If you prefer me to carry out a full psychic reading prior to spell work, that can be booked from this website or  my sister site, please click here to see my psychic reading list. I can advise, help and support you as we look at finding a way forward through your troubles and will always look for a positive through any confusion!  I am friendly, approachable, cheerful, non judgemental, open minded and not easily shocked, everything you tell me is in complete confidence. (I never share your information with anyone.) I have been carrying out psychic readings for years and have a large client base now both on the internet and more locally.

We are all capable of shaping our own destiny, just sometimes we need a helping hand to get going along a new path or help with renewing aspects of an old one. My techniques all include a measure of healing of the emotions to helping to repair difficult situations. I do not believe in covering up difficulties, or papering over the cracks! This is never effective long term. All my spell work is individually tailored and every client that comes to me is equally important. The people I meet through my work enrich my life in a way that I could have only dreamed of when I started this journey. I am happy to work with all that approach me as long I feel that I can honestly help, and it does not go against my code of ethics. I do not carry out black magic. this is not because I don't believe in the power of black magic spell, I actually know quite a lot about the dark arts, but I choose to work with white magic spells and I find that this method of spell casting works very well without the need for the risks associated with black magic spells.

My spell workings are all very powerful, but also totally safe, love spells being my speciality,  and I ensure that my protections are strongly enforced whilst I am working for you so nothing can affect you adversely or back fire. It is my belief that a lot of care needs to be taken when starting out with a spell, your intentions always need to be clear and your focus too. That is why in emotionally charged situations it is sometimes better to have a spell cast on your behalf. Spell casting starts with a purpose, brings in your detailed request, then the occult/magical energy is added, this is then sent out to do its work and move towards manifestation of your dreams and desires. A great deal of my work is to reconcile a relationship by casting love spells, and I love my work. If you have tried many  love spells without success just let me know and I can craft something totally different for you! to look at my custom spell page click here All of my love spells are custom spells, I always use your specific details and situation to work the spell, and cast the spells accordingly. This is the best way of getting a truly detailed spell, whether that is for love spells, reconciliation spells or any other situation that needs a helping hand through spell casting.

 I offer honest advice on spell craft, and accurate psychic readings from my other website www.psychic-light.co.uk , I am sympathetic to all needs and I will listen and try to find the best way forward for you. for custom spells please click here I take my work very seriously  and I will always have your best interests at heart! I always work alone,  I do not have a secretary or any other helper, so you will always deal directly with me at all times, I believe that this offers a better and personal all round service. Most of my spell work is currently working on love problems/troubles, but I am also able to help you with any other worries for pretty much any situation. If you do not see your requirement in my list of spells I can create a custom working for you, which is nearly always at the same prices. To read more about me click here.

Spell craft, and in particular love spell castings has a wide interest these days. A lot of articles appear about spells to return a lover stating they are dangerous and manipulative, but so is applying make up, wearing designer clothes, having highlights or at the far end of the scale having a boob job or other surgery, but people do it! These things are all relevant, but it is my belief and through the methods I have been brought up with and taught that we can work to change situations, or enhance them through spell work, even by using attraction spells or reconsider spells, sometimes peoples stubborn pride mean something is lost when a return my lover spell could have resolved things to everyone's satisfaction. Even a communication spell has the ability to just reconnect you so that you can get talking again and then if you prefer the rest can be completed by yourselves on a mundane level, without further spells. The choice will always be yours. I never push spell on anyone, I am just here for if you need me, for advice or to request a love spell or other type of spell help.

An it harm none, do as thou wilt
Do what you will, so long as it harms none
An it harm none, do what thou wilt
That it harm none, do as thou wilt
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, An it harm none do what ye will. Full Wiccan Rede here.

All my spell work is cast from a path of light, no black magic at all. I will not take on any magical workings for revenge or harm. I am a white witch and always work within the light to protect both myself and your interests and karma.


  • Solitary witch
  • Clairvoyant
  • Healer
Spells for love can be cast for you, spells for returning a lost love, and reconciliation spells. these are all a very big part of my work.


Spells to choose from

Spell Types

The types of spell craft that I use are very wide. my favourites and the ones that I use on a regular basis for my clients are traditional witchcraft, which includes Lunar magic, Angel Magic, and Wiccan spell craft. I also use voodoo for complicated...read more

Custom spells

 I can create a custom working for you. Some of the spells, particularly the love spells when customised for your personal situation allow for five points of your choosing to be incorporated into the spell.  For example if you feel that fidelity is a particular problem, then I can add that in, if you feel that communication between you is something that needs.... read more


My thoughts on curses.. as recently this has got a very bad press, with lots of psychics or mystics/witches asking for huge sums of money to remove so-called curses from people.  This is just totally unethical and mean,..read more